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Garrett Cheyne
Owner / Designer

Meet Garrett. Visionary designer and owner of Curate, Garrett has been transforming hotels, restaurants and homes for over 18 years. His portfolio of work has been recognized by industry leaders from across the country. Garrett has a vision that’s distinctly his own. He doesn’t abide by a specific aesthetic – he creates them. Every design project that he takes on, from 140 room hotels with expansive spaces to a petite powder room, is a brilliantly original concept.


The romance of opening a quaint bed and breakfast with his partner brought Garrett from Chicago to the small town of Delavan, Wisconsin. Once a fresh, and vibrant makeover of the B&B was completed, Garrett began working alongside a beloved local design showroom owner and gained a devoted following of his own. He fulfilled the dream of owning his own business and established Curate in October of 2016. Inspiration struck again when a local sandwich shop closed its doors. After a year long, expansive renovation, Curate opened a stunning new interior design studio. The former restaurant is now loaded with exquisite fabrics, sophisticated furnishings, and striking antiques all with a sleek and modern twist.

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